Student Forms

When you sign up for a term of classes, please complete a Student Form for safety and contact purposes. Please select either a Yoga, a Meditation or a Yoga & Meditation form, (Word & PDF options available). Then read it, complete & sign it (use a different signature font), and then send it to MyYogaMind (contact details below).

Privacy Policy

The Eu’s General Data Protection Regulation controls the way companies handle personal data. It also concerns the consent you give to receiving ‘My Yoga Mind’ information. When you sign up for a class or workshop, you ‘opt in’ to be included on my mailing list, so that you can receive information about classes, updates, cancellations and events that I teach, organise or recommend.

Your personal data & how I use it.

  • The only information I hold on any student, is what I gather from your communications or the ‘Student Form’ when you join a class.  This generally includes your contact details (address, email address, phone/ mobile number), an emergency contact name and number and any injuries or conditions you have/ did have, so that I can modify my teaching to include you.
  • I only keep this data whilst you are a student and if you stop coming to my classes/ workshops, I will delete it after a year.
  • I nevershare any of your data with any other person or organisation.
  • Irrespective of how you pay for classes, I never keep your bank details.
  • I keep your data in a password protected file and if a paper copy is used, it is locked away in a metal cabinet.
  • If at any time you decide you no longer want to receive communication from me, you can send me an email asking to be removed from my mailing lists. I commit to remove your details within 28 days.
  • If you have any questions about this, or you want to see a copy of your kept data, please get in touch.