Wonderful things can happen when the mind begins to settle

“I found respite from the business of my life. The classes are a sanctuary – a haven”


Mindfulness Meditation

At Monday evening or Wednesday afternoon Mindfulness classes, you can sit on a chair, on a cushion on the floor or simply lie down if you are tired. You’ll be learning the techniques and trying them out with others and progressing each week as you go. Coming along regularly will make a lot of difference and if you want more, Sally can help you get practising at home, or you can follow her MBLC course. And for those who don’t have time, she also includes daily life practices each week, so that you can weave practices into what you normally do and start to live mindfully too.

Meditation classes are NOT therapy, but many have found them therapeutic and helpful in dealing with stress, cravings & difficult emotions more effectively. Learning how to relax and ‘switch off’ can help with a good night’s sleep or simply help you to feel calmer at ease and more alive.

Deep relaxation

Sally also teaches a Tuesday evening Calm Meditation & Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) class for those who want something different, are in need of some R & R or maybe a little TLC. She guides you using relaxation techniques and calm meditations, as you lie there and let your mind relax. Its about surfing the waves between wakefulness and sleep, where the body can relax deeply and positive suggestion can take root.

“After the first session, I was left with a deep sense of calm and serenity which lasted overnight and into the following day. It is as though some long established negative mindset had been temporarily switched off leaving me free to be at peace with myself.”


Short and Sweet Meditation Classes

Modern life is busy, time constrained and often stressful, and for many, finding the time to get started with meditation can add to the burden. So as part of her Master’s degree, Sally researched the effects of a ‘lite’ programme of mindfulness on stressed out student teachers, to see if brief periods of group learning and ‘bite-sized’ meditations could help. Nearly all students were positive about the programme, finding stress relief, coping better, improving concentration, and feeling much better as a result. This ‘little and often’ approach is used in Sally’s classes, so you don’t have to give up a whole evening to practise. She teaches shorter meditations, with clear instructions and there is time too, to reflect and make sense of it all. Sally’s classes are relaxed and friendly, but best of all is practising in a group, where calm tranquillity is created, so that you can re-engage, re-charge and better deal with the busyness of your life.

“The deep relaxation classes helped focus my mind during pregnancy, when you can over think things. Having the time to let go of thinking is very beneficial. The sessions give me a great opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet.”


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a form of meditation, but also a state of being, and meditation techniques are practised to settle the mind and relax into this state, where a feeling of calm or letting go is often felt. Practising regularly each week, trains the ‘mindful muscle’ in the brain, to locate this state more often, and those who have been practising for a while, can start to see what their minds are up to, leading to permanent change. Seasoned meditators are literally re-wiring their brains to function in a healthier way.

“I often liken Sally’s classes to a non-contact full body massage”