Sally’s students contributed to this section, and names have been included where permission has been given.

On Sally’s Teaching

“Sally creates a very friendly environment for the absolute beginner through to the more advanced ‘yogi’, always taking care to make sure everybody is getting the most out of the experience.  I leave each session feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.”

Jamie (Tuesday evening Yoga)

“Sally is a warm and supportive teacher. My yoga class is an important part of my week.”

Clare (Wednesday evening Yoga)

“Sally is an inspirational person and her classes are friendly, supportive and offer the opportunity to challenge yourself at your own pace.”


“As complete beginners, Sally had the ability and experience to drop us straight into class, without us feeling too much out of our depth, and the benefits we felt were immediate. A fabulous experience both physically and mentally and I’m glad we took the plunge.”

Mike & Gill (Tuesday evening yoga)

“Sally is always furthering her own understanding and development in mindfulness yoga and is expert at translating this into our sessions, making them fresh, interesting and rewarding.”

Alison (Wednesday afternoon yoga)

“Sally is an authentic genuine person. You don’t have to travel to the east to find a guru!”

Mike (Monday Yoga & Mindfulness)

“I think I’ve hit the jackpot regarding the teaching at my classes (I’ve experienced 4 other teachers in the past, none of whom inspired me to take what I learn, so easily, into my everyday life), so I keep coming back.  Sally’s classes show professionalism, quality of teaching & expertise, clarity of explanation & the information she shares, has no extravagant claims. Her teaching approach is friendly, unhurried, kindly & non-judgemental. I enjoy the feeling of self-direction, with guidance and the lack of competitiveness.”

Cathy (Tuesday evening Yoga)

“Sally has seamlessly re-introduced me (a 40 something male) to yoga and its mindful ways.  I’ve been practicing with Sally and the group in Blackwell for 4 years now and the class remains progressive and challenging at a pace that suits both new comers and more experienced yogi’s.”

Ric (Tuesday evening Yoga)

“Sally manages to seamlessly merge people who are new to yoga with those who have been doing it for a while; introducing extensions for those who can and help to those who can’t.”

Isabel (Monday evening Yoga)

“Sally’s yoga and meditation classes have made a huge positive difference to me. I am a better person for them. So glad that I found you.”

Jeanie (Wednesday afternoon Yoga & Meditation)

“The classes are friendly, non-competitive with loads of help and support from Sally.  You feel better about yourself.”

Pam (Wednesday afternoon Yoga)

“Sally’s approach keeps student’s safe from injury, but at the same time encourages others to go a little further into their practice depending on their ability.  Sally makes you feel welcome and relaxed in her classes so, if you’re interested or intrigued by yoga, come and experience one of Sally’s classes.”

Marg (Monday evening Yoga) 

“I look forward to the classes and Sally makes us so welcome. When I walk through the door I know it’s ‘Me’ time.”

Caren (Tuesday evening Yoga)

“Sally is a great teacher and communicator. The sessions have the dual benefit of the shared experience of a class plus individual coaching.”

Ali (Tuesday evening yoga)

“Unlike other yoga classes I have been to, Sally explains the yoga poses very clearly, going step by step with new moves to ensure you get the most benefit, whilst still allowing those with more experience to improve.”

Jess (Tuesday evening yoga)

“Meditation sessions are expertly lead by Sally and I always come out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.”

Ellie (Tuesday evening Deep Relaxation class)

“I absolutely love Sally’s class and think that ‘mindful yoga and meditation’ as a title, really reflects what we do. Thank you Sally for being such a super teacher.”

Elaine (Wednesday afternoon yoga class)

“Sally is a truly inspirational teacher.”

Anne (Wednesday evening class)


“Going to Sally’s wonderful classes has helped me to build on my strength and flexibility, and at the same time practising mindfulness has helped me to let go of stresses and anxiety. I leave each class feeling so much more relaxed and calm.”

Jules (Wednesday afternoon yoga)

“I found respite from the business of my life. The classes are a sanctuary (a haven).”

Mike (Monday evening Yoga & Meditation)

“A wonderful hour and a quarter of ‘me’ time that strengthens the body and relaxes the mind and sustains me for the rest of the week.”

Jane (Wednesday evening yoga)

“I leave each session feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.”

Jamie (Tuesday evening Yoga class)

“I came to Sally’s mindful yoga class after a series of changes in my life as an opportunity to invest a little in myself.  The sessions have offered me so much more than I expected, helping me to build strength and flexibility, but also showing me how to relax and to sleep.  It’s a wonderfully positive experience, I look forward to each class.”


“Come along, it’s brilliant!”

Wendy (Tuesday evening Yoga)

“If you fancy keeping your body moving without unnecessary strain whilst freeing up your mind, come along and join Sally for some much needed ‘you time’.”

Ric (Tuesday evening Yoga)

“I have been coming to Sally’s classes for a number of years and her calm mindful yoga sessions are a perfect way to start a busy week. I come not so much for the mindfulness (although I really enjoy it), but to keep my body working and I am sure I won’t be the only one.”

Isabel (Monday evening yoga)

“I am finding as a beginner to Yoga that my body is gradually becoming stronger as I use muscle groups not used before. This is both exciting and intriguing for me.”

Lesley (Wednesday afternoon Yoga)

“I started working with Sally whilst recovering from cancer treatment. The gentle exercise helped me explore my new boundaries for movement post-surgery and eventually getting back to where I was pre-treatment. Sally’s classes are suitable for anyone, regardless of ability or previous experience. You are so focussed on what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what the person on the next mat is doing!”

Rachel (Wednesday evening yoga)

“Laura and I have really enjoyed the classes. I can feel my posture is improving and Laura is learning to be more flexible to help with her horse riding.”

Phil & Laura (Monday evening Yoga)

“I am in my mid-sixties and have been attending Sally’s yoga classes for about a year.  Despite some minor joint problems, I feel I have made some progress towards being “strong and steady”.”

Pam (Wednesday afternoon Yoga)

“It was so lovely to get back to class yesterday, I had not realised how much I had missed it!”

Lisa (Monday evening yoga & Meditation)

“I am new to the area and have never practiced Yoga before.  Sally is experienced and welcoming and her groups are not too large that you feel lost. I feel happy and relaxed in joining her group and feel I am now enjoying/ experiencing some “give back to me time” and a lovely way of meeting new people in my community! Beginners welcomed. Adults of all ages. Go at your own pace that suits you.”

Antoinette (Monday Yoga & Meditation)

“In my 70s, I think I share with some of my peers, a lack of muscle strength, fluidity and range in movement, with occasional resultant balance issues.  This feeling of diminished ability, e.g. to reach low/high shelves, to crawl around the loft, to put the 2nd foot into tights, is a bit damaging to my self-esteem, alongside a desire to be independent and productive. Sally’s classes help me to achieve, without discomfort (or embarrassment), a fuller range of movement with fluidity and control (control as in I won’t fall over!), & NO discomfort the next day.  I only wish I could find the self-discipline to practise the movements more often at home, but I have incorporated some postures fairly regularly into my daily routine.”

Cathy (Tuesday evening class)

“I have enjoyed the yoga exercises and I have incorporated some into my anti-arthritis régimes! I hope this encourages others with arthritis etc., to realise yoga will help them ‘to keep mobile’. I’m still mixing in the yoga you taught me. So many thanks for your teaching.”

Joan (former Wednesday morning yoga)

“I have always enjoyed Sally’s classes and found them very beneficial. I started mindfulness yoga classes with Sally 6 years ago. At that time, I suffered with anxiety & I have found the yoga classes hugely beneficial, with strategies to help cope with anxiety. It is a relaxing environment, where there is no intimidation. I highly recommend Sally’s classes.”


“Sally has been my yoga teacher for over 6 years. I really look forward to each class – restful and mindful. Over time, the yoga practice has evolved/adapted, which is beneficial, as it keeps things fresh and interesting. Poses are achieved using a thoughtful and considered approach, so that you are challenged, but ensuring that the body does not move into discomfort. Sally is a warm and supportive teacher. My yoga class is an important part of my week.”

Clare (Wednesday evening Yoga class)

“I have been attending Sally’s mindfulness yoga classes for about 5 years. They are a wonderful relaxation and offer an hour and a quarter of peaceful quiet exercising. A great way to look after the mind and body. You learn relaxation techniques, posture and breathing exercises, and I have incorporated some of the gentle movements into my daily morning stretching routine. As you move through the session the movements become more demanding and Sally always encourages you to only move within your own limits as dictated by the body, not the head! As a way to keep supple, fit and knowing how to relax it is to be highly recommended.”

Ali (Tuesday evening yoga)

“My health consultant suggested I get out and do something for myself. I found Sally in The Village magazine. The classes are so relaxing, the movements gentle, but boy do you know you’ve done a workout the next day – In a nice way, not hurtful. The added benefit is I’m also sleeping much better.”

Caren (Monday evening Yoga)

“Physios refer to joints/muscles working in many ways, and from my perspective as a retired physiotherapist, I think most relevant to me is the RANGE of movement (full, mid and inner), created in muscles and joints that I focus on in Sally’s classes.”

Cathy (Tuesday evening class)


“Sally’s Meditation class has had quite a profound impact on me. After the first session, I was left with a deep sense of calm and serenity which lasted overnight and into the following day. It is as though some long established negative mindset had been temporarily switched off leaving me free to be at peace with myself. I look forward very much to continuing working with her. It is clear that the other members of the group value the classes and the positive experience that you provide for us all.”

Avril (Wednesday Afternoon Meditation)

“It is a weekly recharge of calmness for me that I have come to depend on it, to get me through the busy week!”

Lisa (Monday evening yoga & Meditation)

“Love Sally’s meditation and relaxation classes. Over the past years I have been able to take techniques away from the classes and lead a calmer less stressful life.”

Dave (Wednesday afternoon yoga and meditation)

“The meditation session has helped me to let go of a lot of the worries and stresses I have been holding onto. Not something I really expected.  It has been quite a powerful response to actually relaxing my body and mind”


“I often liken Sally’s class to a non-contact full body massage :)”

Chelle (Wednesday afternoon meditation)

“I found respite from the business of my life. The classes are a sanctuary (a haven).”

Mike (Monday Yoga & Mindfulness)

“I look forward to my weekly mindfulness session. The combination of practising techniques and the discussions that follow, enabling participants to vocalise their experiences is invaluable. I often practice mindfulness in other areas of my life, and find it an extremely useful tool.”

Helen (Wednesday afternoon meditation)

“Meditation has helped me find myself again. It makes me feel calm and grounded. Sally has helped me a lot.”

Liesbeth (Monday evening Yoga & Meditation)

“Hi Sally, yoga raised my self-awareness, the way my body moves. I have became more with it, its movement, sensations, the way I did things was more impulsive and sporadic, now I’m mindful – aware of my surroundings, more noticing discomfort and tension. Trying to relax in mindful way by breathing in releasing the tension, letting go, staying in present moment. Deep relaxation in break time at work is my reset button. I listen to it on headphones for 10min and completely letting go of body tension and repetitive usually negative thoughts. I listen the body scan meditation before sleep, and fell asleep more easily. Thank you so much Sally, mindfulness changed my world, the way I think and perceive information, I’m less stress, more compassionate and understanding towards others. Lots of love and admiration of what you doing for others in kind and compassionate way x”

Olga (Wednesday afternoon Yoga & Meditation)

“My mental health is improving and my mood is more stable. The relaxation at the beginning has calmed me down and I am able to focus and concentrate on my work much more easily.”

Lesley (Afternoon Yoga)

“I have found the mindfulness aspect to our work invaluable; learning to live more in the moment has been a tremendous help. Breathing techniques and other forms of meditation have been so useful for dealing better with daily stresses.”

Rachel (Retreat Days)

“As a result of Sally’s efforts, my coughing has almost gone, and I’m sleeping better.”

Roger (Monday evening Meditation)

“As a beginner of two sessions only, mindfulness meditation sessions have lived up to my expectations, just listening to Sally relaxes me. We have the opportunity to discuss how we feel during a break which really helps to understand why our mind and bodies work the way they do. I am looking forward to continuing working with Sally.”

Jenny (Wednesday afternoon meditation)

“I find Sally’s Mindfulness class a sanctuary from the busy rat race of everyday life. It allows me a bit of ‘me time’ when I allow myself the indulgence of settling my mind, to heal any anxieties and stresses I may be feeling. I view mindfulness as a tool which I practise to sooth my mind and often use it daily to overcome anxious or stressful moments.”

Michelle (Wednesday afternoon Mindfulness)

“What I get from Mindfulness:  After a period of acute depression following a cluster of negative life events, I have found mindfulness the greatest help to move forward.  It has improved my self-awareness and the ability to redirect my thoughts to things which are WITHIN MYSELF and therefore more easily replicated in everyday life – without overthinking the negatives in my life.”


“The deep relaxation classes helped focus my mind during pregnancy, when you often over think lots of things. Having the time to clear all thoughts was very beneficial. The sessions give me a great opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet.”

Ellie (Tuesday evening Deep Relaxation class)

“In our busy and stressful lives, it’s so hard to shut the mind off from all the chattering, but since joining Sally’s class, it’s helping me to learn how to control the chattering.”

Caren (Tuesday evening Deep Relaxation)