Wonderful things can happen when the body lets go of tension

“I am new to Yoga and Sally is experienced and welcoming, and her groups are not too large that you feel lost. It’s a lovely way of meeting new people in my community!”


“I have been attending Sally’s mindful yoga classes for about 5 years. They are a wonderful relaxation and offer an hour and a quarter of peaceful quiet exercising. A great way to look after the mind and body. You learn relaxation techniques, posture and breathing exercises, and I have incorporated some of the gentle movements into my daily morning exercise routine. As you move through the session the movements become more demanding and Sally always encourages you to only move within your own limits as dictated by the body, not the mind! As a way to keep flexible, fit and knowing how to relax it is to be highly recommended”


“If you fancy keeping your body moving without unnecessary strain whilst freeing up your mind, come along and join Sally for some much needed ‘you time’.”


Sally’s Yoga Classes

What Sally teaches is an eclectic mix of the many movement styles and approaches she has explored over the years, but most influential is what she is currently practising herself.

Sally’s Yoga includes all the usual ingredients of a yoga class, such as yoga postures, breathwork, relaxation and meditation, but it is the quality of what you do, rather than the quantity, that she is interested in.

There is no rush in Sally’s classes, no striving to achieve the perfect pose or hold it for as long as possible. You simply turn up and start where you are, with what you can do and progress from there. You will be gently challenged, step by step and week by week, to work within your ability, your state of health and very importantly your comfort zone. In this way, it becomes mindful movement, a pleasurable experience and very hard to injure yourself.

“Sally’s classes are suitable for anyone, regardless of ability or previous experience. You are so focussed on what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what the person on the next mat is doing!”


Sally’s take on Yoga

Yoga is a physiological or felt experience, and if we can deepen this bodily connection, we can begin to locate and release tension, finding a more natural, easeful way of moving, which is lighter, more fluid and full of vitality. And if the body relaxes, the mind can settle too and we can start to feel more ‘present’, with all the clarity and vibrancy that it brings.

So rather than pushing, pulling or forcing ourselves into postures, we use them to let go of bodily tension and find a kinder and more integrated way of moving. We still explore our range of movement, but stay light with both body and breath, see how gravity can assist in relaxing the body further, and train our attention to ‘be with’ the movement as we are doing it. Then overtime, a whole new network of muscles can develop, flexibility, posture and breathing patterns can improve, and the full range of movement that our ancestors took for granted, before big sofas, desk jobs and the school run, can be restored.

“A wonderful hour and a quarter of ‘me’ time that strengthens the body and relaxes the mind and sustains me for the rest of the week.”